Ideal Boiler Repairs

Ideal Boiler Repairs in Kingswood, Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Market Weighton, Hornsea and Associated Villages

Ideal Boilers have had a bit of a mixed reputation over the years.  The dreaded Isar and Icos are well known for their poor reliability. The Ideal Logic looks to be going the same way problems with the plastic sumps cracking and leaking heat exchangers just to name a few of the issues. 

That's where Kingston Gas come in; we are fully trained at working on ideal boilers as we have attend training sessions at ideal training centres. We also have access to most parts for them and carry a large stock of parts so the same day fix is usually achievable. It is also advisable to have your Ideal Logic, or Vogue serviced every year, and that way any issues can be rectified quickly before major damage is done.

Logic or Vogue under warranty, No problem we can service your boiler annually and properly so that the warranty is maintained.

Ideal Leaking Sump Below: